Global Capital Markets


Continuous policy reforms and the general upbeat sentiment on the economy are driving up business activity in India. According to Baker & McKenzie’s newly released India IPO Report, the estimated total value of IPOs in the country is set to hit USD5.8 billion by the end of 2016, more than double the total value for 2015. A key development sustaining the India IPO market momentum is the passing of the new Goods & Services Tax…

The global IPO market finally succumbed to negative sentiment in the first half of 2016. While cross-border listings have outperformed domestic listings in every first half since 2013 in terms of market share by value, deals of both types fell dramatically in the first half of this year. They fell more or less in tandem, with domestic deals marginally less affected as the issuers brave enough to come to market sought safety in home markets. The…

With the consumer staples and technology industries becoming as active as energy, real estate, financial services and healthcare in Africa, the continent’s capital markets are poised to see IPOs raising more capital this year.


Baker & McKenzie’s Global Capital Markets group has released a report projecting an overall capital raising for African IPOs that could exceed USD3.1 billion in 2016. This represents a value almost twice as much as the total amount raised for IPOs in 2015. Still, the current economic climate poses challenges for countries in the continent.  “These are challenging economic times for those of Africa’s economies dependent on commodities for much of their income, while so-called ‘hot money’ flows out of emerging market funds investing in Africa,” said Koen Vanhaerents, Baker & McKenzie’s Global Head of Capital Markets.

Baker & McKenzie’s Structured Capital Markets Team in London released their European Legislative Developments Status Update. The update, in the form of a short table, outlines some of the key new and proposed European legislative measures affecting participants in securitisation and structured finance transactions, provides links to the underlying legislative texts, and highlights any progress in their development. This was originally featured in Structured Capital Markets Briefing – Edition 18.